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Visit the Makerspace

Step 1

We have an open house every Tuesday evening at 6:30. Come meet us, get a tour, and pickup a membership agreement.

Set up Membership Payments

Step 2

Monthy Membership
Yearly Membership
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Join a Guild

Step 3

Once you have signed a membership agreement and set up payments, it's time to meet with a Guild Leader to learn the ins and outs of using our equipment safely and respectfully in this shared space.



Our full pottery studio with clay tables, pottery wheels and kiln which we run on a regular basis.

Wood Working


A full woodworking shop with table saws, routers, band saws, chop saw, joiners, wood turning, sanding room ...

Metal Working


Our up and coming metal working shop with mig and tig welders, a metal lathe, chop saws is starting to take shape.

Laser Cutting


We have a 120 watt C02 laser with a 2'x3' cutting area. We are also building a new laser cutter from scratch.



Our electronics guild is under new leadership, freshly tidy and ready for action with a digital osciliscope soldering station, and a host of parts to connect together.

Digital Graphics


Vinyl cutters, sublimation printers, and other tools for creating t-shirts, stickers and everything else you can imagine.

3D printing


A bank of 5 3d Printers, carefully calibrated and preconfigured to reduce the risk of failures. A new resin printer structure is in the works for detailed pieces.



A complete felting studio and clean space for fabric work.