Makerspace LED sign when it was under construction

The Staunton Makerspace

Make it Here

A community of volunteers in a shared and collaborative workshop.

Supporting each other as we strive to bring our imaginations to life.

We are a community

Join us as you chase a dream of your own.

Community event on our back deck



Membership comes with 24 hour access to the space. You must be cleared by a Guild Master to use equipment.

Monthly Membership (3 month minimum)

  • Basic Membership

    $75 monthly

  • Family Membership

    $90 monthly

  • Supporter

    $25 monthly

Yearly Membership

  • Basic Membership

    $810 annually

  • Family Membership

    $972 annually

Storage and Workspace Rentals are also available.

“This place is incredible! It's like a 24 hour gym for artists and Crafters...”

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Amanda Lemen

smelting some stuff